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Ferry Evacuation Exercise (MPA)

Back Ground History Usual Ferry Rescue Emergency Exercise (FEREX MPA) normally carried out around the Kusupilgrimage period that is August and September. To enhance passenger safety, an additional Ferry Rescue Emergency Exercise was held on Friday 06 may 2016 at a seaward location off Tanah Merahferry Terminal (TMFT). 42 of SMA students (DMB 1 and 3), together with Lecturer Timothy and Myat Soe, total 44 are participated the exercise as Role Player.
Scenario of exercise-Ferry boat names MV-SINDO 12 is departure from Batam(Indonesia) heading to Tanah MerahFerry Terminal (TMFT). Enjoying their breakfast before vessel go a ground
09:00 hrs –Vessel grounded at sea off TMFT.MV SINDO 12's Captain Report Emergency Situation. Allpassengers don the life jackets. SINDO deployed another vessel to the location but due tothe draft of the vessel, she not able to alongside for recuse operation, then MPA deployed two boats for recuse the passengers. Emergency!Vessel grounded, Don the Life Jacket
09:30 hrs-Life Raft deployed from SINDO 12, 10 passengers (MPA officers) boarding on to L/R and transfer to MV MPA 2.
09:45 hrs-5 passengers (SMA students) rescued by vessel MPA 4 by STS transfer.
10:00 hrs-MV SINDO 13 alongside to SINDO 12 and recused the rest of passengers and re-united all the passengers on board.

After being reunited on board and alighted at the terminal, one of the passengers got confused and lost contact with her family. She can't really speak English, She is from China.

One of our students acted as though he missed the flight. Another student acted as though he lost the passport.

MPA was observed the performance of terminal help desk and how they handled the case.

End of the exercise our student are happy and they really enjoyed their experience.

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